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Hello friends, I hope you're having a good day, because I am! Reason #1: my kinfolk v. 8 has finally arrived after waiting for approximately 2 weeks, reason #2: pretty good weather we're heaving today.

I've probably said this a million and one times, but I'm still 75% bummed that my vacation isn't happening. Ugh, I've waited 3 years for it only to have it cancelled a month before! So I hope you can understand my pain... But I'm slowly getting over it, because we all have to move on. To kinda make up for that, Kinfolk V. 8 is taking me to Japan (not really, of course). I went to Japan circa 6 years ago, and have pretty fond memories of the country. I love the bullet train (if we have that here I may never be late for my appointments ever again), the food (I love sushi), the weather (haha, I was there during winter, but it wasn't snowing), Mt. Fuji (I remember it was -5 when I was up there, almost died) and the people (who are always so polite). Japan is probably one of my favourite country, after England and France. Can't wait to get started on this magazine! In case you're wondering, I usually get mine from www.bookdepository.com.

So, I've a question for you guys — *tiny voice* will anyone actually purchase my photographs? I'm thinking of setting up an account on Society 6 (or if you have any other better websites, please let me know). I don't want anyone to think that I'm selling my photographs because I think I'm so damn good, please no. I just want to sell them to earn some extra cash and because my friends have suggested that I do so. And selling my photographs might just actually motivate me to take better pictures, ha!

Please leave a comment below or ask.fm or Instagram or anywhere to let me know. Thank you guys!

Alright, I'm heading out for a jog now. "I can't jog because of the haze" has been my excuse for the last 2 weeks, and since the haze has cleared, it's time to lace up my running shoes and head out! ○

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Stay gold, xx