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Finally some motivation and time to take pictures and blog. I recently bought a tea plunger and got inspired to share with you guys the benefits of tea. As most of you may know, I love my teas especially Earl Grey and Chamomile.

In this post, I've dug out 4 different types of tea from my kitchen, they are Chamomile, Chrysanthemum, Oolong and Earl Grey. I'm pretty certain that every single type of tea has its different benefits, but I'm only going to briefly talk about these 4 (scroll down for the image). After today, I am definitely going to have more cups of Oolong tea. Make a guess why!

If you're a coffee lover, I suppose it isn't too late to convert after reading this? Okay, I kid.
Disclaimer: Benefits of teas were sourced from various website, I'm no tea expert (just a tea lover)

Stay gold, xx