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Timelapse video can be found here

If I told you that I love mornings or Sun, then I would be a phony and a hypocrite. I never really liked the Sun (other than a couple weeks ago when we had gloomy weather almost every other day). I also never liked waking up at 6 am in the morning. But last Sunday, was an exception. And sometimes in life, we need these exceptions. As reluctant as I was, I still dragged myself out of bed — 2 feet out, left foot back under the comfy duvet, ~5 minutes later I was washing up and getting ready to leave home. 

When we reached our destination, I hopped out of the car with fogged glasses and was greeted by the smell of the sea/grass patches with dew on them. There were also several joggers and avid anglers, early worm baits the fish I guess?

I found a spot facing East and set up my camera/iPhone. Started shooting the time lapse video with my iPhone and took stills with my DSLR. Waking up at 6 am was a good thing, because I managed to capture the Sun breaking through the horizon and very quickly passing overhead the island directly in front. I saw some planes and I was thinking how it must've been a breathtaking sight for the passengers on board.

If anyone wants to know how I shoot my time lapse, the answer is below. I might purchase a remote control off ebay very soon, so I can shoot with my camera instead.

"Find something that you love, and let it kill you. Only true passion will stand the test of time." ○

No fancy camera stand or remote control, just an app and the iPhone 5 and maybe my card holder...
Thank you bird for joining me and flying all over with your friends in my video.

Stay gold, xx