1 July 2013


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Hello there! So here's a 20 facts about me post, hmm...

  1. I'm 19, turning 20 in August
  2. I'm Singaporean and my race is Chinese, that makes me a Singaporean-Chinese. Common misconception: Singapore is part of China. If you think Singapore is part of China and we're Singaporeanese, I think you need to study Geography
  3. Cëe is not my real name
  4. I'm 157cm short
  5. I'm not a phone person, I don't really like to talk on the phone and there's only so few people I text  
  6. I don't drink coke, because I hate that
  7. However, I do like tea :)
  8. My favourite colour is blue, but my favourite colour for clothing would be blush/peach
  9. I may or may not be addicted to blazers (hard to decide, especially in such HOT AND HUMID weather)
  10. I can play the piano
  11. I'm really scared of butterflies, or maybe I hate them, or maybe both
  12. I'm really into exotic cars. I love people who talk cars to me (haha what...?)
  13. I'm also really into a lot of other things, i.e. astronomy, mummies and dead bodies (am I scaring you?)
  14. To calm you down, I don't mean dead bodies from a murderer's pov but you know like I wouldn't mind becoming a forensic pathologist if I could
  15. I also wanted to be so many things, i.e. a fighter pilot,  a detective, a photographer... but really, right now I don't know what I want
  16. Whether it is a cool or warm night, I have to cover myself with 2 layers of blankets
  17. I become tan really quickly (and I hate it!!!)
  18. I wish that it would rain every night because I love falling asleep to the sound of rain drops
  19. I'm a rather impatient person and I get irritated really easily (haha leaving the worse for last)
  20. And lastly, my favourite number is 20, I don't think I have a lucky number though

Filter used: Vscocam — M5

Stay gold, xx


  1. Replies
    1. Oh wow, that was fast! Thank you, Brian :)

  2. Woaw~ The bokeh so beautiful..

  3. my favorite number is 20 too. its also my least favorite number. if you know what i mean.

  4. Ur photography is nice ! <3 Maybe you should take up photography!!

    1. Hi doll, thank you so much for those flattering words! :)

  5. Hi! How do you get those long bokeh streaks effect? Are those raindrops and then you use flash to create it? :)

    1. Hello! Nope, they are not raindrops. Set your dslr's shutter speed to something slow (like 1/40 or 1/20) and hit the shutter. While your camera is capturing the image, zoom your lens (have to be zoom lens, duh) in and out. Hope this helps! x

  6. Hi Cee,

    What kind of exotic cars you like?

    1. Hello! I basically like fast cars - Lamborghini Aventador/Murcielago, Ferrari, McLaren and Maserati.


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