13 April 2011

Love shouldn't be like the seasons.

Such a beauty. If you think otherwise, then maybe this isn't the right place for you.
Why the title you may ask. IMO, I think that we should love our pets like how we love our family members, it's suppose to be unconditional and undying. 

Unconditional: we don't abandon our parents just because they are very ill. Likewise, we shouldn't abandon these helpless animals just because they aren't in the best shape/health. 

A few weeks back, my uncle picked up an abandon hamster(Fearless) which was (obviously)abandoned in the lift, while he was on his way up to my place. So he passed me Fearless and told me to take good care of it. I remember, when I just saw Fearless it was shivering, it was afraid of me and everyone else. Well, usually when I stick my finger into my hamster's cage it would come up to my finger and start sniffing and biting. However, for Fearless it just ran away and hide in its own miniature home. So for the first few days, I couldn't figure out why someone will abandon this adorable little thing, even though its so afraid of me, until one day when it was eating from its bowl I realized it had a lump on its butt. Oh wait, I missed out something. Rewind back a little, so when Fearless arrived at my place, it was very very skinny and weak. The food bowl was filled with dust and nothing else, the water bottle was empty or being an optimist we'll say it's a drop full. Okay now forward back, the lump was considered huge for a skinny hamster like Fearless, the lump eventually caused Fearless to have difficulty walking, not very serious but it did affect the hind legs.

The point here is that people abandon their pets just because it isn't normal, and that's not right. During the good old days when the hamster was perfectly fine you said you loved it, but when it started to develop some weird, probably fatal, lump you left it alone and eventually abandon it like discarding a malfunctioning object. 

It's this one thing that most people don't really have, and choose to not have, and that's responsibility. I do agree, that having responsibility and being responsible is a tough job but that's the price you have to pay. Do remember that at that time when you wanted to purchase the hamster, nobody placed a knife at your throat threatening to murder you if you don't buy the hamster. So since you've paid the money, even though it's cheap it's still money and it's still a LIFE, and gotten the hamster it's your responsibility to feed it, love it, care for it and not abandon it. It disgusts me whenever I use the word abandon. Abandoning someone or something is so much more cruel than the word cruel. 

Undying: Love shouldn't end. True love story shouldn't have ending. There's nothing wrong to love your pet as though it's a human. Everyone and everything deserves undivided love, care, concern and attention. With that, your love shouldn't turn into feeling bored with your pet.

It all boils down to, if you're not willing to take up the responsibility then maybe you just sit on your bed, do nothing at all and just wait for death to call upon you. If you think it's cool to have a pet then you should also just sit on your bed, do nothing at all and wait for karma to catch up with you. Don't buy a pet on impulse; that's the golden rule.

Wow that was lengthy, but that's just my two cents worth of thoughts; pretty much for two cents huh. Pun intended. Well, I feel much better right now letting out my anger on a topic completely unrelated. Seeing these animals locked up in such cages makes my heart turn sour, but at least they are in better hands now. 

In memory of Fearless.

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