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6 September 2018

What's in My Makeup Bag

After 6 months of anticipation, I'm super excited to finally be packing for my trip to Europe! In a couple of days, I'll be on my way to my first European destination: Munich. I thought I'll kick off the travel content with a little what's in my bag, and if you're nosey like me, continue reading!

19 August 2018

5 Ways to Feel Refreshed: Self-Care Routine

Pulling one too many all-nighters lately or just feeling like a hot mess being frustrated with the warm and humid weather? It's time to take a step back to refresh and recharge. Taking good care of yourself (physically, mentally and emotionally) is extremely important even though it's something we all probably struggle with. Here are my TOP 5 TIPS to help you feel refreshed and uplift your mood!

5 August 2018

It's All Rosy Here: A Roundup of Rose-Scented Products

I've always been someone that favoured the lavender scent over any other scents. But as I was decluttering my cabinet, I came to realise that I actually have so many rose-scented things. So here I am, sharing with you guys my top rose-scented picks, so that you can stop to smell the roses literally anywhere.
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