6 May 2011


Hello there! How was your week? Hopefully it went well, haha! Sorry for the lack of updates, because of school I don't really have much spare time left. Well, it is Friday again FINALLY. Although the weekend is just another 3 hours away, I don't feel the weekend spirit at all! Assignments are starting to weigh down, though the work load is quite acceptable. I just have to get used to it since I'm a junior in college now. There's so much to do but so little time! I have to speed up. And honestly, although it's just the second week of school I feel like I'm lagging behind in class. I need to find time to start revision. Meh, nobody likes to read about rants of school right?

After law tutorial today (school on Friday is such a killjoy), met up with my girls and we had lunch at Pastamania. It was my first time ordering a pizza there, not bad! I like cheezy stuff, but not too much cheese! Had Gong Cha and found some seats in the mall and sat down with my girls, we were catching up on each other since it's been at least 2 weeks since we last hang out! 

Don't you feel like there's always this special someone or a group of friends that you can always be yourself when you're with them? No need to fake smiles or laughters, no need to be afraid of what you have to say because they won't judge you? Yeah, I always feel this way when I'm with them. I mean after all, we've been friends for years! I want to keep these friends for more years to come, I hope we'll remain in contact even when we grow old and pursuit different careers. Just like how we're in different faculties right now.

Alright! I'll update again soon! I would like to update regularly to keep this space alive and so when I grow up one day I can look back and see what I've done when I was younger. Time is the only thing standing between me and updating. No actually homework too. I like doing homework, I enjoy doing homework because I like to keep myself busy. In fact, I feel very worthless if I have nothing to do and just spend my whole day on the computer. But when I say that I like doing homework I didn't mean having so many assignments which are due next week! Oh well.


Week 3 in 2 more days. 3 more weeks to the school holidays!

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