24 June 2011

Rusty Metal, Rusty Mind.

With a mind becoming so prosaic in mid-summer I've finally taken a short break away from my insipid life. Hopped on a West bound train with my friends on Tuesday and about an hour later, we found ourselves at the foot of a steep yet somewhat scalable slope. Being a resident of the Central district and now North East, I've never been a frequent visitor to the West. After scaling the slope, we somehow became lunch for the mosquitoes. They must have been very very very hungry and that explains the numerous red patches on both my legs. But I must say, that this trip to the abandoned railway has been a very fruitful one... Since it's abandoned, you don't have to worry about any trains that will suddenly appear out from no where.

According to my friend, we spent a good 2 hours on the track capturing nothing but the tracks. After that,we headed for some late lunch and went our separate ways home. So I guess I'll just leave you with these few pictures, while the rest are up on my Facebook.

Have a dreamy weekend.

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