13 October 2011

Lunch date

On Monday, I met mummy, grams and gram's sister (I don't know what I should call her) for lunch in town - I had a hard time getting there. First, it was raining. Second, it wasn't by the main road so I relied on Google Maps to help me find my way there but.. (For once) it failed me. Eventually, I found my way there. 

So here's where we were sitting. Comfy sofa and we were at this quiet little corner (if you can see in the picture below).

For starters, I had cakes, tarts and pies. Then, I ordered Hawaiian pizza and Duck and Lychee pizza. Thought Duck and Lychee pizza sounded very weird, but it tastes good! I prefer it more compared to the Hawaiian pizza I ordered.

After having actual proper food, we got more cakes, puffs, tarts and ice cream! Again.

I thought the cup's design looks pretty interesting. Haha!
Yup, so that's how I spent my Monday. Anyways, I created an account on Formspring! So if you guys have any questions, you can click the new Questions tab above!

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