22 December 2011


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This year for Christmas, I thought of making something on my own as a gift to my friends. Not sure how or why, the idea of making a Snow Globe hit me! So I went to look up on how to do a Do-It-Yourself Snow Globe, and here's step by step on how to make it:

What you will need.

Step 1 - Get ready a clean glass jar with a lid. 

Step 2 - Glue your figurine/ornament (Something tiny or large, as long as it fits into your glass jar. Make sure it is waterproof) to the base of the lid. I've seen on the Internet that some people glue their figurine to a clay base, so you could do that.

Step 3 - Measure the amount of snow, or glitter in my case, do not add too much glitter else it may seem like a glitter storm after you turn over your snow globe. I added silver and glow in the dark glitter (for fun). You want to make sure that the snow fills/covers most parts of the lid, so the base of the lid is not visible.

Step 4 - Once you're done with the glitter, pour it into the jar and fill the jar with distilled water. Add food colouring, if you like. For me, I added a little blue dye.
Step 5 - Add Glycerin.
Step 6 - Attach the lid and give it a shake. Check if you may need more/less glitter.
Step 7 - Once you're happy with the amount of glitter, you may seal the lid to the jar by applying a thin layer of aquarium silicone sealant on the threads of the lid before screwing it on tightly!

And you're done!

An inexpensive gift for your friends! I sure do hope my friends would love it!

Stay gold, xx


  1. Hello! Where do I get the aquarium sealant from? I'm from Singapore!

    1. You can get it from DIY shop, I think there's one that's called home fix? If not, you can use superglue! Anything that can deal the lid shut so water doesn't leak out :)


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