8 July 2012

Keep calm & carry on writing.

Waffles topped with ice cream, to start off Sunday and end the week. Why do the weekends seem  to pass so quickly? I don't like Mondays.

Dined at Marché yesterday for a friend's birthday dinner, I had a plate of Rosti and I love it! I am attempting to make rosti for dinner again today. I also had strawberry cheesecake and some rootbeer. Whenever I'm at Marché, the first thing I'll grab would be the rootbeer. 

Anyway, just as I was about to leave Marché, I saw this place:

Ahhh, I want to be seated in there the next time!
Was walking around the mall after dinner and saw this really interesting store. I love it's exterior - books as decor. Also, the way they packaged their pencils... ♡

Lastly, to end off this post and the week is this tree that has lights hanging down from it, feels like Christmas already!

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