31 August 2012

Farewell August

Wow, August came and go so quickly! I can't believe that it'll be September in 2 more hours (typing this at 10pm). Honestly, I'm not someone who reflects on what I've done for the entire month - which I know, is bad. But every year, August will be a good month no matter what. Because it's my birthday month! I'm not sure if it's a "birthday girl's" privilege or what, but I seem to be able to spend more time with my friends this year!

Other than the passing of Donut, my adopted hamster, I can't recall any unhappy moments. After Donut's passing, I realise I didn't take many photographs of it, so I figured that I should do it for Fatty (Robo is his actual name, taken from his breed - oh, how creative).

Well, Fatty/Robo is a lil' shy (Only recently I found out why!) so the only way I could lure him out of the house would be to fill the food bowl up to the brim. There's a reason why I ended up naming him Fatty instead. My wish would be that Fatty would grow up healthily, Donut passed away because of (what I think could be) Hamster Cancer and also age caught up with her...

I'm in ♡ with my new casing and anti-dust cap! 

Alright, time for bed!
Stay gold, xx

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