14 February 2013


The post title already says it all. After giving it some thought, I decided to create a new category (check out right sidebar) called Astrophotography. Explanation grabbed from Wikipedia, Astrophotography is basically a specialised type of photography that entails recording images of astronomical objects and large areas of the sky.
In this post, I mentioned about starting on another project (which was a secret), but I figured to let you guys in on this secret, so that I can share what I've learnt during this shoot. But if you're not interested then skip the next few paragraphs, don't worry I won't blame you.

During this shoot, I learnt that the moon rises about an hour later than the day before. Refer to the picture below.

We assume that the Moon will rise (as in emerging from the Horizon) whenever the Sun sets or the Moon is always here just that we can't see it because of the Sun or something along that line, but the truth is that the Moon does not always hang above the Horizon. The Moon, like the Sun, rises and sets but unlike the Sun, it rises and sets at different times everyday.

During the shoot, sometimes the moon rises at wee hours in the morning, sometimes it rises when the Sun is up. And because the Moon rises and sets later than the previous day, it makes it really hard to shoot it. Ugh!

But don't worry, I'll try to complete this soon and share with you guys the results. 

Stay gold, xx

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