3 February 2013


I swear I've never felt like this in a long time, the feeling when your eyes meet, sparks fly and you know instantly that you're in love... I felt like this possibly a few weeks ago when I was shopping with my friend. I was walking really fast, as I always do (and yes, I make annoying I-am-annoyed sounds when someone in front of me walks too slowly) and from the corner of my eye, I noticed this pair of golden glittery shoes. Unfortunately, I didn't have enough cash with me on that day so I had to leave and go back for it another day - which I did on Friday!

I really love how it's so cheap (less than $30 and also yes, poor me who doesn't even have $30 in her wallet) but so comfortable and doesn't look anywhere near cheap, right? I love the golden glitter, the metal tip, the pointed tip (surprise surprise!) and I could tell you a million reasons why I'm so in love with this shoes but I guess I'll stop here. Have a great evening guys!

P/s: I noticed that I've used a lot of 'yes' in this post, I like it. lawl



  1. where did you bought ur shoe? ,it's so nice!

    1. I got it from a random mall, sorry there's no specific brand!


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