22 April 2013


I can't be the only one that's going a little gaga over these sweet treats, right? If you haven't try them out, you should try it just once, at least. I've had macarons from Canelé and recently, the Matcha flavour from TWG (which is so good). Hold up, let me clarify something - I'm not playing favourites just because Ladurée is the in thing now. What I really really really love about Ladurée is for their Strawberry and Marshmallow macaron. That thing tastes like heaven, I don't know how heaven tastes like tho, but yeah.

Ladurée just opened not long ago, so do expect some queue, but it doesn't take very long until it's your turn to order. They have 2 shops in Takashimaya, one opposite Chanel and another one on the 2nd floor. 

I know I've been away from the blog for awhile, and I will continue to be away for the next few weeks, until probably the end of May. In case you're wondering where the tutorial for the bokeh is, click here or Tutorial in the category tab. I'm really thankful for all the support and stuff, I really hope that the tutorial was helpful.

May I just add how April is almost over? Really looking forward to May and June. Until next time. ○

Stay gold, xx



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