7 April 2013


What a lovely day it is today! Those of you who have recently transited from winter to spring, you will definitely understand my joy. The Sun in recent weeks have been relentless and I think I might have gone a few shades darker, even without having to tan by the beach. I have been missing in action from the blog, as I've been busy at work - which I think, might be one of the reasons I'm under the weather (AGAIN). 

I promise fresher pictures soon, I mean, like everyone eventually gets bored of seeing food pictures all the time right?

Okay, so I might be a little obsessed with my new tea cup. And okay, so I spilled a little tea while climbing into bed to shoot this. But hey, I'm feeling extremely refreshed and unstoppable after catching up on some sleep and the weather (omg it's perfecttttt! soz, I can't help but talk about the weather again). I don't really like the Sun, so on days without the Sun I'll probably be Instagramming/Blogging/Tweeting about it. If you have a full head of hair I mean mane like mine, you wouldn't love the Sun too. I'm this close to getting a haircut, I swear.

Anyway, who doesn't like white sheets?! Every morning when I wake up, I look forward to plonking myself back into bed again. ○

Clumsy Cee. Oh look, coincidentally they both begin with the same alphabet.
What do you guys think of me creating a tag on Instagram, and you tagging your pictures to it. At the end of every week or so I'll pick a few most inspiring ones to feature on my blog? Let me know: here.

Stay gold, xx


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  1. (I already sent this through ask.me but...) I think the idea of the instagram tag is wonderful...=)
    these are some beautiful photos!


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