21 July 2013


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How time flies, the weekend is almost over... *crying* Cherishing my weekends more than ever, TGIF never really meant anything until 2 days ago. The first week of work was... Okay. I wouldn't say it was exciting or boring or anything, just okay. Can't believe 5 days of work just went by like that though. 

I have no time for breakfast during weekdays and I'm usually not a breakfast person on weekends because I wake up in the afternoon, so technically, my first meal of the day would be my breakfast. I always thought muesli was gross, until a few months ago when I tried some of it. Muesli is healthy right? I like my muesli with yogurt, muesli with milk is really not my thing as can be seen here... 

Was supposed to get up at ~5.30 in the morning to shoot the sunrise at the beach near my place but I couldn't wake up, next weekend maybe.

Check out my new Eiffel tower pen, "Paris is always a good idea". Anyway, as you can see my thoughts are just everywhere, hopping from one topic to another. Okay bye. More Weekend Breakfast Club to come, HA! ○

Stay gold, xx

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