8 August 2013


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Hello my friends, I hope you've been well for the past week. As you can see, my family and I have been visiting beaches recently, I don't know why tho. I really love beaches, I love the sound of waves crashing in. I wish we had weather that's perfect for strolling, so I could just stroll in the park/by the beach. No one enjoys a stroll with temperatures at 35C, right? While I was busy snapping away, my mother picked up some pinecone/mini durian (you have to google this fruit!) looking thing and passed it to me and said - "Hurry, take a picture of these!" (which I did, but the sun was glaring and my picture went out of focus, so here's a focused but totally off-mood white background picture). 

I'm sorry if whatever I typed is not interesting etc. I'm not a writer/blogger or photographer, I just take pictures and upload them here to share with everyone. And what comforts me the most, is when certain people (you know who you are) take the extra effort to drop me a message (kik/comment/ask.fm) and tell me how much they love what I do and that I should never stop taking pictures. YOU GUYS MOTIVATE ME TO NEVER STOP SNAPPING. 

So today, I would like to formally announce that Be Wise Magazine and I have teamed up, and in upcoming issues I'll be featured as a food guru (how cute is that?!). I'll be posting new/modified recipes from baking to hopefully cooking (ought to pick up some of my dad's skills). I'm only average at baking and cooking, but if you wish, you can leave a comment below of a certain pastry that you like and I'll try to find a good recipe to be featured.

P/s: If you haven't checked out their latest issue (#5), do check it out and try to spot me. ○

Stay gold, xx


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