7 April 2014


Yet another edible adventure with Peiying (@skeletales). This time we headed sort of uphill for brunch, at one of PS. Cafe's other location — Dempsey Hill. I've yet to visit any of their other locations, but this is one of the best cafe spots in Singapore by far. It was recommended to me by a friend from SF who came to visit in January. I really don't know what is with my recent obsession with truffles fries.

After brunch, we decided to grab some coffee at another spot just along the same stretch of road, but it wasn't open. Bummer! However, I got to sneak a few shots of the interior before being told to come back in the evening (yup, we should've read the opening hours sign). Definitely will head back there again next time.

Also, have you seen my very first video? If not, click here. Special mention to, of course, Peiying for helping me out with the video. And, THANK YOU everybody who took 37 seconds of your time to watch it and left really nice comments on the video itself/Instagram. I'll try my best to regularly produce more videos. Quality over quantity

PS. Cafe — 28 Harding Road, Singapore

Stay gold, xx

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  1. Love the photos of The White Rabbit omg! We really should go there one day (;


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