13 May 2014


I have a love-hate relationship with clutches/tiny bags. I'm someone who carries as many things as my (big) bag can fit, but on certain days I like to go light by just carrying my phone and wallet. However, the thing with clutches and tiny bags, means that I don't have the privilege of carrying a bulky wallet around. But without a wallet to hold everything in place, my cards and cash will be everywhere.

Thankfully Death in Paris sent me this item from their first collection. The Vasistas clutch features 5 card slots which is more than enough for me (to those of you who have a million and one cards, maybe filter it down to the 5 important ones) and a phone pocket. There's also a large pocket in the middle of the clutch, where you can put other items.

The Vasistas clutch comes in two colours: Black and White. You can check out the rest of the collection by clicking the links below.

I had so much fun shooting in the harsh evening light, even though it lasted for less than a minute. 

Stay gold, xx


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