11 August 2014


Have you ever looked at a piece of jewellery and felt like a princess? I know this sounds ridiculous, and I'm turning 21 soon, my days of dreaming to become a princess are long over. I think I associated the word "princess" with this Gardenia Necklace because of the little "garden" in it. I don't know how to say this coherently, but whenever I look at the little bits of flowers, I feel like it possesses some sort of power to chase away all the unpleasant moments from the day. Don't you think so?

The Kypton Necklace features fine quartz granules in a small tube, attached with a dangling piece of rock quartz. As the necklace falls just below the chest area, it's perfect for layering with other shorter pieces. This piece will definitely stand out more when paired with a black top.

As the Gardenia Necklace and Krypton Necklace are handmade, every piece is different and unique in their own ways. Personally, I think the Gardenia Necklace is a perfect gift for your friends. Heck, it's a great gift for yourself! Inexpensive and so magical. Quote "ardaisy" at checkout you get a dollar off your purchase, on top of that, when you sign up for their mailing list you get a 5% discount code (both codes can be used together.) ○

Website: www.unmeco.com | Instagram: @shopunme

Happy shopping, xx


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