9 July 2015


After spending an amazing 72 hours in freezing Melbourne, we jetted off to warmer grounds. The weather in Sydney on the first day was wonderful, but during the remaining days of our stay it was miserable. As soon as we dropped our bags at our 2nd airbnb apartment, we headed off to the city for lunch before taking a stroll in Hyde Park.

jacket: wandererwanderer.com | shorts: dorothy perkins | boots: h&m | hair: grown by me

On our second day, we headed to Sydney's Harbour area. Luckily, we managed to get to Mrs Macquarie's Chair before it started to drizzle. If you want a better view of both the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge, Mrs Macquarie's Chair/Point is a good spot! You can get there by walking or hopping on a tram, which costed us less than AUD20 (if I remember correctly). 

This was taken from the other side (Mrs Macquarie's Chair), I bet the view would be a whole lot better if the Sun came out to play!

Thankfully our apartment wasn't very far from The Grounds of Alexandria (not very far from the airport either)! I've been wanting to visit this place for the longest of time, but since it was raining that morning, we didn't stay for long. Look at the brick walls guys! /insert heart-eyes emoji/

We were struggling with the idea of heading to Bondi Beach, but how could we not after our plans to head up to Blue Mountains got cancelled due to bad weather. In the end, I'm so glad we made a trip down to Bondi! But of course, the Sun didn't spare much thought about me and my need to take photos and set so early leaving me with only dark grainy photos. Ugh, really?

jacket: zalora Singapore | pants: mds collections | blue tassel keychain: still.products

On our very last day in Sydney, we met up with Melissa at a little cafe called Cre Aison. The macarons looked really good and I regretted not trying some, but if you ever head to Sydney definitely stop by there for some matcha and macarons!

I don't know about you, but when I travel I like to keep my local currency separated from the foreign currency and my notes separated from the coins, so I'm thankful that I brought along the Molly Wallet from Status Anxiety. You guys saved my life! 

After some matcha latte, we headed for soft serve. How cute is this! I got the sea salt + fruit punch flavour and it surprisingly tasted very good. I would do anything to get another cone. Thank you Li-chi for the recommendation!

Just around sunset, the Sun finally came out for like 30 minutes, which made me very happy! I saw a double rainbow (I've never seen one in my entire life) and I got pooped on by a pigeon (earlier in the day). Very special day indeed. 

I was worried that my skin would start peeling and flaking like when I was in Hong Kong, so I decided to bring along my most trusted skincare products with me. The blue bottle, My Daily Dose, was specially formulated for my skin. Find out what your skin really needs by doing the Skin Identity test.  You can pick your bottle's colour from the 7 different colours they offer!

A few days before I left for Australia, I was sent the new Hydrating Shield (aka a sunscreen) to try out. Even though it may be winter in Australia, the Sun doesn't stop shining and I heard that the Sun (or UV rays and what not) is a lot worse there than in Singapore. Of course I had to make sure my face was properly protected! What I really love about this is that it doesn't feel sticky on my skin, unlike most sunscreens.

Now that I'm back home, I am still religiously applying all these products. I've probably said this a million and one times but I really miss the cold weather there. I'm still not done uploading photos from my trip, so expect lots of latergrams or you could continue reading about my adventures in Australia here.

Stay gold, xx


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