12 October 2015

Nars Audacious Lipstick Swatches

Can I just start by honestly saying, how crazy is this?! So incredibly thankful to receive this box of 10 Audacious lipsticks, 2 nail polishes and a blush. The audacious lipstick collection has 40 shades + 10 exclusive shades, so this is just 1/5 of the entire collection. I've never done swatches on my lipstick collection but decided to do one so that you guys get a good look of the colours and can pick your weapon wisely! ;)

If I'm not wrong these lipsticks are retailing for S$44 at TANGS - they have a pop-up coming up this Friday outside Tang Plaza so you can always head down to try out the colours and check the prices.

What I love:

  • the colours are pretty true to the bullet
  • quite long lasting - as they claim!
  • feels great on the lips
  • the magnetic closure that snaps back when recapping

For those of you who might be allergic or particular to scents in lipsticks, you'll be happy to know that these are unscented! Most of the colours are quite opaque after a first layer, but I did 2 layers just to ensure that they show up well in photos. I also did little edits to the 2 photos above to maintain the colours' trueness

Edit: After a conversation with my friend and in an attempt to explain to her the colours, I've decided to add this little section in on what I think about each colour.


Vivien (exclusive shade) - another very similar shade to Vera & Natalie, but less bold than the other two. if you've never tried a bold shade and would like to try it, I recommend this! it's almost like a bridge between the two.

Fanny - if I had to pick my favourite colour from this lot to wear everyday, it would be this! such a lovely rosy shade of pink, definitely will make you look so much alive (that's what makeup is for, right?)

Silvia (exclusive shade) - if you're into bright purple shades, go for silvia! for a darker purple shade, try Liv (not pictured here).

Angela - one look and you can tell that Angela's the lightest shade out of the 10. compared to Silvia, it is even lighter and is more pink than purple.

Greta - this colour makes me want to go for a picnic. oh god, why. I like this colour because its neither red nor hot pink, just a perfect balance between the two and it is bright! would probably wear this with black outfit too (uhm, actually i wear every colour with a black outfit. not even sorry.)

Vera - my ultimate favourite. as you can tell, it has red undertones and I personally feel that if you were to pair that with a black mockneck you'll look so very parisian chic! not an everyday colour though. this is something you can try before getting the classic red that not many know how to pull off.

Janet - it's a lovely hot pink/purple shade. you could get away with it as an everyday colour or for the evening.

Michiyo - hints of hot pink leaning towards the barbie pink side. not something I would wear, but definitely adds a pop of colour to your entire look. will probably work great with light makeup!

Marisa (exclusive shade) - somehow I find that this name really suits this colour! this is definitely something you can wear everyday whether it is to school or work.

Natalie - very similar shade to Vera, except that I think it is slightly coral rather than pure red. would look really good if you're heading out to events or dinner parties. 

Moving on to nail polishes! I did two coats for each colour and my favourite would have to be Fearless (Schiap is a little too barbie pink for my liking). Retails for S$30. Oh and in case you're wondering, the blusher is in the shade Desire. 

Schiap / Fearless

My favourite lipstick shades are: Vera, Vivien, Fanny and Greta. What are yours? I would love to hear from you guys! This will probably be my last post in awhile as my finals are coming up but I have lots of ideas/posts planned and can't wait to be back in November. You can catch me elsewhere: Twitter / Snapchat (@cxtay) or Instagram. Talk soon!


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  1. thanks for the review! all the lipstick shades look so gorgeous that I probably wouldn't know which to pick if I were to get one.



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