31 March 2016

March Vibes

Can't believe that today is the last day of March! Where did the time go? March has been a really hectic month as it is my second last month in University. Finally graduating after 2 years, but kind of undecided on what I would like to do in the future. Thankfully I have till August to give it some thought.

March has somehow also been a month full of big decisions and changes - good ones, I hope. The best part of March has to be the day I got a waffle machine (no this is not one of the big decisions). You guys know how obsessed I am with pancakes and waffles because they are so easy to make. With this waffle machine, my life is so much easier. The strangest part of March was definitely when I found myself craving for alcoholic drinks. My friends all know that I hardly/almost never drink any thing with alcohol but lately I've been getting random cravings and I think it's amusing.

Well! Thank you all for being part of this wonderful journey and making my first quarter of 2016 so fulfilling! I am really excited to see how the second quarter unfolds + finally got my graduation trip planned!

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