12 June 2016

My Fur Kids: II

As a very bored owner of 2 guinea pigs, I decided to let them experience what I do on a regular basis. I had the ingenious idea (just kidding) of putting the two of them in a basket, fill it up with hay and just see how it goes. I had no intention of doing a proper shoot, just a casual/candid one. While they were very uncooperative most times (you'll see why later), they were certainly the cutest things I've shot. In case you haven't met them yet, feel free to read this post, where I gave a little introduction!

Halfway through, Dale decided that it was the best time to lay down and rest. Who could blame him? Being cute (ahh yes, I'm one of those annoying pet owners that can't stop singing praises) is a tough job! 



  1. Awww!! They are supper cute. Love to see them.


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