7 November 2016

20 Days of Flatlay Challenge

I always get asked what inspires me and how do i create new content almost every single day. While most of my content is based on my daily life, trust me, there are days when i’m just bumming around and cracking my brain for ideas and get nothing!

The purpose of this flatlay/a photo a day challenge is to help you (and me) get inspired! You don't necessarily have to create a flatlay, just follow the concept for the day. The first few days may be difficult, press on and hopefully by the 5th day you’ve gotten used to the tune of things! If it's too much for you, take a break, skip a few days and hop back on when you're ready to.

By the end of this challenge, I hope that you will know what it takes to take a photo or create a flatlay (e.g. the importance of good lighting, how to play with angles, or which colours go well together) but most importantly, I hope you have fun! 

Let's begin this challenge together on the 11th of November (when this post goes live you have 4 days to prepare) and it will run all the way till 30th November. Before you start, save the image below to your device so it's easier for you to refer to. Don't forget to use the hashtag #20DaysofFlatlay for me to check out your photos/feed. Oh! And you may want to read my post on how to create a flatlay. If you’re already a pro, 20 days of photos, here we go!

Here's a guide to help you out!

Day 1: something new that you got this week
Day 2: your morning routine - since it's the weekend, you should have the time to do this. anything that's part of your morning routine (e.g. coffee, tea or even skincare products)
Day 3: today's outfit - if you're at home, like me most likely, then show us your cutest PJs
Day 4: monday blues - channel your hatred for mondays by creating a flatlay with colours you think don't complement each other *cringe*
Day 5: hands in frame - this doesn't have to be a flatlay, unless you want to
Day 6: texture - some suggestions, but not limited to marble/concrete background or glitter/sequin item
Day 7: your work desk - hey, 1 more day to the weekend!
Day 8: what makes you happy? 
Day 9: indoor space - your living room/your dining area/your bedroom
Day 10: a photo that didn’t make the cut - hopefully it’s not in the trash by now
Day 11: while commuting
Day 12: travel tuesday - together with your flatlay, share with me your experience from your recent trip/where you want to go next
Day 13: on wednesdays we wear pink, right?
Day 14: an organised mess
Day 15: different angle - remember I mentioned about angles in my post, try to shoot something from a different perspective today
Day 16: live life colourfully - we're talking about colours that complement each other here!
Day 17: is it sunday brunch or breakfast in bed?
Day 18: seasons - fall if you're in the northern hemisphere and spring if you're in the southern hemisphere. And meanwhile, there's me on the equator
Day 19: your favourite colour - mine's rose gold/copper, what's yours?
Day 20: you're a pro now, so you decide. also, IT'S ALMOST DECEMBER!!!


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