28 December 2016

Triple Layer Biscoff Cake

Ending the year with one heck of a bake. What was originally supposed to be a double-layer 6" cake turned into a triple-layer cake on the spur of the moment, anyway a little more Biscoff wouldn’t hurt anybody, right?


1. Beat together butter and light brown sugar for a few minutes.
2. Continue by adding in flour, eggs and baking powder and beat until well combined.
3. Divide mixture evenly between your cake tins and bake for 180°C for 20 minutes or until cakes are golden/skewer comes out clean.
4. When they are done, take them out and leave to cool.
5. Prepare the frosting by mixing butter until light in colour.
6. Add in icing sugar and continue mixing until well combined and smooth.
7. Add in Biscoff biscuit spread (I used the crunchy one). On hindsight, I should've used the original Biscoff spread instead of the crunchy one for the crumb coat and outer frosting, so it won't look as rough or patchy as this.
8. Lastly, add in a few drops of Vanilla extract, if you wish, and continue beating until you reach your desired texture.
9. Using piping bag, pipe some buttercream on the first layer of the cake then add another layer of cake and repeat. On the final layer of your cake, pipe a generous amount of buttercream and top it off with sprinkles or crushed biscuits, like I did.

This recipe was created for a 6" cake, feel free to adjust the amounts respectively depending on the size of cake you are going for.

Hope you all enjoyed this recipe, or just the visuals. I'll see you guys next year!

Stay gold, xx

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