12 December 2016

Weekend Bake

Would I sound like a total homebody if I said I once spent an afternoon binge watching The Great Australian Bake Off? Anyway... Over the weekened I tested out a biscoff cupcake recipe I found online and am really happy with it. This was probably one of my most successful bake ever. Everything went really smoothly (almost) and I finished baking within 2 hours (what an achievement lol). But just in case you're wondering why the frosting looks so inconsistent, halfway through piping my piping bag gave way and the nozzle flew out. *Just when I thought everything was going smoothly*

Next week, I'll be attempting to bake a biscoff cake and if all goes well I'll share the recipe with you guys! But for now I made a dozen of vanilla cupcakes with a good amount of biscoff buttercream frosting and topped it off with half a biscuit, biscuit crumbs and walnuts.

Stay gold, xx

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