29 May 2017

Testing Hair & Beauty Products

I have been trying out a few new hair and beauty products recently and thought I would share my first impressions and thoughts on them. SPOILER ALERT: I actually like all of the products.

My Hair Refreshing Treatment, 200ml $18 | My Hair Refreshing Shampoo, 330ml $15
My Hair Refreshing Treatment, $18 | My Hair Refreshing Shampoo, $15

My Hair Recipe is a series recently released by Innisfree to target specific hair concerns such as oily scalp, dry hair and dyed hair. My primary concern was having an oily scalp, mostly because of the weather in Singapore. 

My initial thought after using both the shampoo and refreshing treatment was that they definitely do live up to the name of being cool and refreshing! It's a good thing especially when you live in Singapore and you become a victim of humidity. Happy to say that I finally found a solution to my oily scalp situation. This may be a huge claim but I do feel that my scalp stays oil-free for much longer than before. 

I won't be listing all the ingredients for both products, but if you are interested, they contain Jeju cedar, cypress and pine, and is silicon-free. 

I've always known Sisley Paris as a high-end skincare brand, and only after my first event with them did I discover their huge range of makeup! 

Phyto-lip Twist in the shade Poppy (left swatch) is a glossy red lipstick that doesn't feel sticky on the lips at all. While I'm currently a matte lipstick kinda girl, I still like this one to bits because it's easy to apply and hydrating. It is worth nothing that the colour is buildable, so it may start off sheer but you can always built it up to the pigmentation you desire.

Phyto-blush Twist (right swatch) is a cream-to-powder finish blush that applies on really easily and leaves you looking radiant! I would apply the product directly on my cheeks and blend it out with my fingers. The smooth velvety finish is a winner in my books!

As you can see, the products come in a sturdy stick with zebra prints all over - which is kinda cute! With the "twisting" function, it means no need for sharpening ever (ugh I just hate that). I once threw away an eye pencil because I just couldn't care to sharpen it.

If you are looking for a new blush shade and have the budget to invest, I do highly recommend getting the Phyto-blush Twist in Papaya as it's a great coral shade to include in your summer makeup look!

During the Sephora sale last month I got the Cover FX Natural Finish Oil Free Foundation, at 20% off, after seeing so many reviews on how good it is. IT TRULY IS AMAZING! ✨✨ The packaging is beautiful, the coverage is amazing, they are available in 40 different shades and... Ok, I'm going to stop here.

The consistency of the foundation is creamy, but not thick, it doesn't settle into fine lines and certainly doesn't feel cakey at all on the face! All I need is 1 or 2 blops, and apply it with a liquid foundation brush to get a medium to full coverage. When I first tried this on, my face was a little red so I had to use a bit more product but after the redness subsided I don't need as much anymore. I also used less concealer with this product, except for those stubborn pigmentations and redness that require more coverage.

The foundation is quite long-lasting and while I absolutely love it, I did notice that it doesn't work very well with certain products. I'm not sure if it's an issue with the primer, or my setting powder but if I used the wrong product, the foundation will start to "collect" around the sides of my nose and become patchy all over. I only experienced this issue once, and I had no problems when using it on other times. This means that it's going to be a constant trial-and-error until I find the best combination. But it's currently my go-to foundation.

That rounds up the list of products that I've recently tried and loved! I didn't include any products that I found were not worth mentioning, so this list is quite narrowed down. I'm recently getting back into the swing of things, and would love to update this space more - perhaps once a week? I do have another post brewing, so we'll talk soon! Show some love and hit "like" at the end of the page if you enjoyed this post and want more of such! :)

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored. HOWEVER, SOME OF The products were sent to me in PR packages.

Stay gold, xx

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