16 June 2017

Nailed It

Happy Friday guys! Recently I have been really into neutral/nude nail polish shades as it goes well with my personal style, and you can't go wrong with such classic colours. While preparing for this post I had a hard time deciding which shades were considered neutral or nude. In the end, I chose 4 of my favourite nail polishes that I swear by, ranging from drug store prices to high end!


My favourite nude shade is Kalahari from H&M, and a close second would be the shade Pillow Talk. Kalahari seems to be sold out in H&M stores here in Singapore, but I could find them in the US store (online). If Kalahari were to be discontinued, I would be really really really upset! It took me such a long time to find a nude shade that I like, suits my skin tone perfectly and is so affordable.  
Please don't mind the random nail "art", I had no idea what I was doing.

My Very First Knockwurst | OPI, S$16

I love how OPI always include subtle puns when naming their products. My Very First Knockwurst is a elegant and beautiful rosy nude shade that may look slightly pink in different lighting, but it doesn't bother me. It is quite sheer with 1 coat on, so I usually go with 2 coats!

Frenzy | Chanel, S$39

My last favourite is Frenzy, a taupe-beige shade, from Chanel. I can't decide if I like this or Kalahari more, but they are completely different kinds of nude so it wouldn't be a fair comparison. It is the kind of nude that matches my skin tone really well and therefore, gives the illusion of longer fingers. It is so hard to describe this shade, but it's ABSOLUTELY STUNNING and if you're into nude shades I would recommend investing in this! I know that $39 is a lot to pay for nail polish, but it is from Chanel after all.

Once I was making payment over the counter, and a lady told me she really like the colour and asked me where it was from – so I guess it's kinda worth it. I've been on the hunt for a dupe but it hasn't been very successful because I find that not many brands have such a soft nude.

(L-R) Starting from my index finger: Kalahari, Pillow Talk, My Very First Knockwurst, Frenzy. 1 coat each. (L-R) Starting from my index finger: Kalahari, Pillow Talk, My Very First Knockwurst, Frenzy. 1 coat each.

From the picture above, you can tell that they are all very different shades of nude. Frenzy differs the most as the other 3 shades are rosier. Are you obsessed with neutral nail polishes as I am? Which are your favourite nail colours in your own collection?

Stay gold, xx

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