26 May 2019

Scents for Spring

I'm so excited to be sharing about my favourite scents for Spring! Fragrance plays a huge role in my life, and I love to be reminded of certain times with scents. It's kinda like time travelling, don't you think? I know we're a little into Spring now for this post, but better late than never! Life got the better of me after my last post and I just couldn't find time or the inspiration to sit down and write. 

Scents and fragrances are very particular, and to each their own. So as much as I'm recommending my current favourites in rotation, I highly suggest you go check them out and have a whiff yourself first before committing!

I wore Diptyque's Roses EDT a lot when I was in Paris last autumn, so having the scent around me now leaves me feeling all warm and fuzzy on the inside. I went for the hair mist instead of EDT/EDP, because I loved the look of the frosted bottle ;) But as this is just a hair mist, as expected the scent doesn't linger around for long. A few spritz on your locks is enough to last a good 3 to 4 hours. I also have a tester size of the same scent for when I'm on-the-go/travelling.

Jo Malone Frangipani Flower Cologne is a very lovely scent to wear for both Spring and Summer. The vibrant yellow bottle also suggest so! ;) It's a little sweet and floral (nothing too overpowering or fake), which helps uplift your mood! If you know Jo Malone, you'll know that many of their scents were made to be layered with another one of their perfumes to create an even more unique scent.

I have never smelt any scent alike to Elizabeth Arden's White Tea (Wild Rose). It's such a delicate and graceful scent and has amazing longevity. Floral scents can sometimes smell too artificial and overpowering that induces a headache, but this is light (in a good way). I was drawn to this scent the moment I tried it, and now I find myself always reaching back for it.

Last but not least, I've included Salvatore Ferragamo Amo Ferragamo (Flowerful) as the bottle is simply stunning! I love both the colours and design. You can't tell from this photo, but the bottle is a mix of purple and pink, almost iridescent. I would describe the scent as a combination of sweet/fruity and floral. It's a wearable scent through the day, but for me, overtime the sweetness from the scent lingers. So a little spritz goes a long way!

I can never get enough of fragrances, be it perfumes or candles, as they really help change or enhance the mood. Maybe you'll find a scent you like in this post for the upcoming Summer months! Thank you for reading, catch you again next time!

Stay gold, xx

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