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16 December 2017

Gift Givin: Home and Stocking Stuffers

In this part, I'll be sharing some ideas for home gifts and stocking stuffers. Home related gifts are always perfect! It can be for someone who has just moved into a new apartment, or someone who really loves decorating their interior spaces (that would have to be me)! Some of my favourite places to shop for the home are at H&M Home or Ikea - affordable and great designs. Sadly, we don't have H&M Home in Singapore yet so I'll either snag up a few pieces when overseas or bear the exorbitant costs of international shipping.

8 December 2017

Gift Givin: His and Hers

Hi guys! I can't believe we're doing this again, oh how time flies... Every year, I round up some things and create a gift guide, it's almost like a tradition now. You guys wanted to see what selections I have this year, so here it is!

17 November 2017

Best Foundations for Oily Skin

It's been a long journey trying and testing different foundations, but I think I have found my favourites that work best for my oily skin! Just some background, I live in hot and humid Singapore so makeup usually don't last as long and my face gets really oily after several hours. I'm simply too lazy to bring a powder around to touch up or blotting sheets to blot away the excess oil, so I always prefer an oil-free foundation. I remember doing a poll on Instagram once, and so many people preferred matte-finish foundations, so take notes because these are oil-free and matte!
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