Have A Naiise Weekend

So I haven't put up a new post in almost 2 months, but for good reasons. I was busy juggling a couple of things in April and may have spread myself too thin while doing so, but all's good and I'm back now!

I’ve always wanted to pick up brush lettering but never found the time to do so. A couple weeks ago, my cousin and I spent the afternoon over at Naiise’s Orchard Gateway space learning the fundamentals of brush lettering and floral illustrations from the best teacher – Dora!


One reason why I never learnt brush lettering/calligraphy even after such a long time of wanting to do so was because it seemed so difficult. But this 2-in-1 session was definitely an easy way for beginners like me to pick up brush lettering and have fun!


We spent almost the first half of the session practicing strokes and working on the techniques Dora shared with us. Throughout the session, Dora was very patient and with more (a lot more) practice I’m sure I’ll be able to eventually write something, hopefully in time for Mother’s Day so I can give her a handwritten card. You’ll be surprised to know that there’s actually no secret to brush lettering except keeping your brush upright and controlling the strokes well.


The last hour was spent decorating our own cakes with cake toppers. Since I felt more confident in drawing than writing, I did my best attempt at drawing flowers and creating a garden party. At the end, we took home worksheets for additional practice and a well-decorated cake, if I may say so myself!

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Mamonde Singapore

For the love of flowers and makeup, Mamonde beautifully combines those two into a cocktail of skin conditioning ingredients that are found in their products.

The Rose Water Toner was one of the products that I was excited to try! After cleansing my face, I'll damp the cotton pads with just a small amount of toner and wipe my face to prep my skin for essence and make sure that any leftover makeup is removed. It leaves my skin feeling extra refreshed and the light fragrance is a bonus for me. 

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Mamonde's highlight lip tint in No. 6 is a cult favourite (also Park Shin Hye's pick), and I can see why. These lip tints glide on smoothly and leave a semi-glossy finish which is a change from my usual matte lip colours (I blame my addiction to Colourpop).

Not pictured is the Pang Pang Hair Shadow, also from Mamonde, that my friend very kindly got me for my bald spot/hairline. I don't use it often as I have bangs to cover my hairline, but there are times when I put my hair up in a ponytail and am a little more conscious. 

While most of their products are available on Lazada now, I'm looking forward to the opening of their store sometime in June!