3 Weekend Breakfast Ideas

Weekends are all about the little things like getting out of bed later than usual or enjoying your breakfast instead of rushing through it. As you guys know, I'm constantly trying new ways to make breakfast a lot more interesting - after all, it's the only reason why I get out of bed. In this post, I'll be featuring 3 types to breakfast that take less than 20 minutes to prepare. 



This one is for those of you who prefer lighter breakfast or are in a hurry as this is definitely the quickest of them all. You can really get creative with juices! Some juices you can try: Apple, pear and a slice of lemon/watermelon lemonade. Or if you prefer to start off the day with H2O, try fruit-infused water. My personal favourite combination is mint leaves and cucumber. Not only is it refreshing, it leaves your breath smelling fresh.


What's a perfect weekend morning for me? THESE WAFFLES and a glass of iced milk tea or OJ. I have these almost every other week, even on weekdays, as you can probably see. But honestly, there's no better way to start the weekend! Also, I don't see anything wrong with having your kitchen smell of freshly made waffles. Mmhmm

For a quick and easy waffle recipe, read this post:



Jar with a lid
Oats (I personally prefer using instant oats over rolled oats because of the texture and the time it takes to prepare)


1. Grab a jar, pour in some yogurt then oats, then yogurt and repeat till you're close to the brim. Pop it back into the fridge till the next day.

2. Before serving, prepare the toasted instant oats by mixing 4 tablespoons of oats with 2 tablespoons of nutella (yep, you saw that right!)

3. Once it is well mixed together, pop it into to oven to toast for about 8-10 minutes at 160°C. Different ovens have different heat setting to be sure to constantly check on them. We want toasted not burnt oats.

4. Finally, top off your parfait with crispy toasted oats, some fresh fruits, and honey or maple syrup if you like.

While testing this recipe out, I find that once you get the right amount of oats to nutella, your toasted oats will be sweet enough and honey/maple syrup is not necessary. Also, rolled oats do not have the same kind of crunch like instant oats do, so hence I prefer the latter for this. If you were to choose to use rolled oats, add another 10-15 minutes to step 3!


That is it from me! Hope you will give them a try this weekend! Please 'like' this post if you found it useful, so I know what kind of content to put up here in the future. Now, I'm off to the supermarket to get ingredients for tomorrow. Follow me on Instagram and watch my Insta Stories to see what's for breakfast tomorrow. 

Cëe the World: San Francisco

It's been over a month since I left (my heart) in San Francisco. Missing this city way too much, so I decided to skip my LA post and do this first.

We travelled from Los Angeles to San Francisco by bus, which was an 8 hour journey (spent most of it sleeping). We left LA at around 8am and arrived in SF by 2.30pm. I remember vividly as we were driving into SF, I saw the thick fog and I was like 'YAAAAAAAS!!!!!!' I just couldn't believe that I'm FINALLY in San Francisco, a city I've dreamt of visiting for the past 2-3 years.

We had wanted to make our way to our Airbnb apartment, which was located near Twin Peaks, by public transport but didn't have a Clipper card so we went via Lyft (free download from the AppStore) instead. You may use the code <CE154355> for your first ride! 

After reaching the apartment, we met our friendly host and struggled to carry 2 fully-packed luggages up a flight of stairs. Was really thankful that our Airbnb apartment was located beside a bus stop, that meant we did not have to walk very far to commute into town.

While I knew San Francisco was gonna be cold even during summer months, I did not expect it to be THIS COLD. We wrapped ourselves in layers (literally) before heading out to Westfield for dinner.  


Getting around San Francisco is not at all difficult. There are 3 different types of public transport: BART and Amtrak (train), MUNI (buses, trains and cable cars) and Cable cars and of course, taxi/private car (Uber/Lyft). It sounds confusing at first, but I'll try to break it down to you. If you're still unsure, you can always check the boards or ask someone.

BART: The BART takes you from San Francisco airport to the city area (Powell station) where there's shopping everywhere including Westfield San Francisco Centre (a 9-story mall). BART costs depends on how far away the stations are from you; the further the station the higher the fare. I have friends who just use the BART ticket, but I use a Clipper card. I believe the Clipper card would be much more convenient because it works on most Bay Area transit operators

MUNI: This was really confusing for me at first, but I got used to it after awhile. Tip: Download the MUNI app, it's super useful!

CABLE CARS: These are iconic cable cars you'll see on the streets of San Francisco and no, they are not the same as the ones we have in Singapore. There are cable cars that will take you out of the city centre, and there are also cable cars that run from Powell station (near Forever 21 and Anthropologie - if my memory didn't fail me) that passes by Union Square and goes to Fisherman's Wharf as well as other places for $7/pax. There always seem to be a long line, so be prepared to queue.

++ WHAT TO DO ++ 

There's just so many things you can do in San Francisco!

• Take a stroll along the coast (Crissy field > Fort Mason > Fisherman's Wharf > Pier 39)
• Palace of Fine Arts Theatre
• San Francisco City Hall
• Visit Alcatraz. But you do have to get your tickets way in advance
• Shopping in Union Square
• Sutro Baths/Lands End
• Whale watching

• Cycle across the Golden Gate Bridge (bicycle rentals can be found around Fisherman's Wharf)
• Afternoon hike down Marin Headlands/Dinner at Sausalito
• Head up Coit Tower for a panoramic view of the city
• San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
• Pop by the famous Lombard Street. My friend and I requested for our driver to drive down the street, just for fun!
• The Painted Ladies were a bit of a let down, in my opinion (sorry!). But I think it would be a lot better/beautiful once Alamo Square Park is done with its renovations.

If you have the time I would recommend following the Barbary Coast Trail. It's a 3.8-mile trail that takes you to 20 historic sites and places that you may not have thought of visiting. My friend and I started at Market Street and walked through most parts of Chinatown and the city, before we eventually ended at Fisherman's Wharf. While you're at Fisherman's Wharf, pop by Pier 39 and if you're lucky, you may see the sea lions. They are so cute!


There's no way I wouldn't recommend places for you guys to eat. These are some of my favourite places to eat at, but of course they have plenty of other places that are worth checking out as well.

 Boudin Bakery & Cafe | The clam chowder is a MUST HAVE! 160 Jefferson St, CA 94133
• In-n-out | Anchorage Square, 333 Jefferson St, CA 94133
• The Mill | 736 Divisadero St, CA 94117
• Off the Grid | Possibly one of the largest food truck gathering. Layer up or bring a coat to stay warm!

• Lemonade - MY FAVOURITE! | 781 Mission St, CA 94103
• Cheesecake Factory | Macy's, 251 Geary St, CA 94102
• Boba Guys | 429 Stockton St, CA 94108
• Mr. Holmes Bakehouse | 1042 Larkin St, CA 94109
• Blue Bottle Coffee

Hopefully this post was insightful/useful for you in planning your next visit to San Francisco. I would love to be back there again!

Cëe the World: New York

5 days in NYC was not enough, and I can't wait to be back again in August!

After 14 hours, we finally landed in NYC however, I was feeling poorly in the final few hours of the flight. I was so irritated because I didn't want to start my vacation feeling sick. Anyway, we rented a room via Airbnb in the Lower East Side and the location is perfect! We were within walking distance from many (good) cafes, which means we didn't have to always take the subway just for breakfast. Public Transportation isn't exactly the cheapest here, so I would definitely recommend walking if possible. This city is a food haven, I would like to have breakfast at Egg Shop again. I have to say though, I am surprised that there aren't many food photos considering the amount of cafes we visited. 

Brooklyn is honestly one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen. The houses in Brooklyn are just so cute (you'll see some of it in my vlog)! Did you know that there's a building in Brooklyn that is just a facade? We spent the afternoon exploring and sat by the water to watch the sunset - again, so magical!