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24 February 2018

New In Beauty: That I Love

February seems like a month of new launches, and I'm lucky enough that I get to check out some of the products before their actual release. But as soon as this post goes up, most of the items would already be for sale in stores/online! :) Read on to find out more about the beauty products that I've recently gotten, and why I LOVE them.

13 February 2018

Life Update

The past week has been exceptionally difficult for me. Dealing with loss and grieving is something I'm terrible at. — Before anyone says I'm melodramatic over the loss of A pet, my pets are like family to me. And it's okay if you don't understand that. I hardly open up like this online because when something’s on the internet, IT’S ON forever. —

21 January 2018

Trotting in Taiwan

Hey guys! I had an incredible 8 days in Taiwan and can't wait to share more about the experience. If you haven't watch my vlog, you can watch it here: http://bit.ly/2mX0loy
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