Create Cinemagraphs From Your Phone

I've recently been creating cinemagraphs for the fun of it and a lot of you have been asking me how I do them, so I hope this tutorial will be helpful! You can check out mine here - #cëenemagraph. So, what are cinemagraphs? Cinemagraphs are made up of still photographs that have repeated minor movement, and you can choose to save it as a video or a gif.

What You'll Need

✧ An iPhone (sorry android users, I'm not familiar) with the apps MaskArt and Splice
✧ A tripod/steady hands
✧ Memory space in your phone
✧ Patience



Let's start with ideation! Anything with movement works, but try to think of something that would look normal when repeated. I suggest starting off with simpler cinemagraphs with simple motions and as soon as you get the hang of it, create more intricate ones! Here are some ideas to get you started:

✧ Pages of a book flipping
✧ Hair/clothing moving in the wind
✧ Pouring liquid
✧ Stirring a drink/slicing a cake
✧ Train/traffic moving
✧ Flames moving


Here comes the tricky part, for me at least. I used to use Photoshop or Flixel to create my cinemagraphs, but Flixel has a subscription fee of USD200 annually. After my subscription ended, I switched over to MaskArt. It's good because you can now create cinemagraphs on the go, and the app is FREE!


✧ Step 3 (optional)
If you only want it in a Gif version then you can skip this step because gifs loop forever. In Splice, add the video and duplicate it several times so it'll last for 6-8 seconds at least. From experience, some videos work better when you reverse the clips e.g. the end of the first clip matches up with the start of the second clip (because the second clip is reversed). However, there are some videos that work with just a cross dissolve transition between clips. When you're done, save it and upload!

Please hit the "like" button below if you found this post useful! I know it sounds a bit confusing especially in the editing part but play around in the apps and you'll figure it out very quickly. Feel free to tag me (@ardaisy_ ) in any cinemagraphs that you've created, I would love to check out all your work! 

ASOS Makeup Review

We're finally seeing ASOS's very own makeup/beauty range (though I must say it wasn't something I would expect from them)!! I first found out about their newest additions through email and immediately hopped over to their website and started adding tons of items to cart. In the end, I only got 2 items because I wasn't sure if they really work, and also there weren't many review/swatches on this line yet, which is strange. Continue reading to find out how the products look as I give you guys a mini review and swatch!


First off, can we just take a minute to talk about the packaging please? The millennial pink packaging is everything I LOVE! Not going to lie, I was drawn to the collection because of the packaging and knew that I had to get my hands on some. Alright, once we're all done gushing about the packaging let's get down to business. Prices start at £5.00/US8/SGD10 which is pretty darn affordable! In the range, you'll find lip liners, matte liquid lipsticks, satin & matte lipsticks, eye liners, mascara, highlighters, blushers and bronzers.


A beautiful raspberry-pink shade that makes it perfect for an everyday lip colour/MLBB shade. I LOVE that it glides on easily and stays on for a really long while. It's matte, but don't let that put you off because it's not drying at all! Finally I have something to alternate between, instead of my usual Colourpop ;)

Vibrant rosy-pink shade that gives you a flushed look! I was a tad disappointed as it wasn't THAT pigmented but you can easily build it up. The blush also had lots of fall out. Take a closer look at the photo below, I intentionally left the blush this way so you guys could see the mess you would have to deal with. Maybe I just got a bad batch, or maybe they are all like that? 


Buy or Bye?

So what do I think about them? I freakin' love them! I think the overall quality of these products surpass the expectations I had for the price I paid. Which is a good thing, duh! Would I purchase more? Probably, if I didn't already have so much other makeup or if ASOS released other more unique shades. Of the few reviews that I could find online, the mascara seemed promising and wouldn't mind giving it a try next time! Will you be getting your hands on ASOS's own beauty range? I would love to know!