11 April 2020

Skincare Empties | Buy or Bye

It's been a long while since I've done one of these posts, and since we're all asked to stay home I had the time to declutter (after putting it off for the longest time). I definitely threw out more stuff, but decided that these were some items that're worth mentioning before they go into the bin.

1. Ceramic Slip Cleanser Sunday Riley

This gel cleanser does a fantastic job cleansing and removing impurities and makeup, leaving my skin feeling extremely clean, fresh and supple. It's also suitable for all skin types and has plant-based ingredients, which is great for all my vegan friends out there. I have combination-oily skin, and I recalled it helped with oil control.

Now the important question is: is it worth repurchasing given the price? Personally, I think that it's worth it (you can always stack a couple of vouchers to score a good discount) as it is a great cleanser and almost everything from Sunday Riley never disappoints. If this is out of your budget, the next cleanser might be for you!

2. Youth Gentle Foaming Wash The Body Shop

Is it just me or do foaming cleansers make you think that it does a better job at cleansing? I personally have no preference whether a cleanser foams up, but THIS is extremely foamy. I mean it's fun and it smells good, so there's nothing to dislike.

The Body Shop's Drops of Youth range is a youth-enhancing range, enriched with plant stem cells and if you must know, is also vegan and cruelty-free! My skin always feels smooth, moisturised and thoroughly cleansed after using. However, it's not as effective as the Sunday Riley cleanser in removing makeup, which is why you should always double cleanse!

Priced at just under $30 for 150ml of cleanser, it's pretty clear that this is worth repurchasing.

3. The Water Cream Tatcha

After seeing so many others raving about it, this is one of my first products from Tatcha. Given the heavy price tag the full-sized moisturiser comes with, I decided to dip my toes in the water and go for the travel-friendly size.

As the name suggests, it's a water-based moisturising cream that applies very nicely, is lightweight,  and fast-absorbing. I love to use it especially in the day as it is not sticky, and goes well under makeup. If you're someone with dry skin or live in a dry climate, then this may not work as well. As much as I love it, the full-sized product can only remain on my wishlist.

4. Vitamin Nectar Vibrancy-Boosting Face Mask Fresh 

If you know me, you'll know that I'm a huge supporter of Fresh's face masks. I'm a little bummed out that I'm out of this mask because whenever I need an instant glowing boost, I'll always reach for this. The mask glides on your face effortlessly, even with the chunky citrus bits. It reminds me of marmalade (yum!) I leave it on for about 15 minutes, and wash off with lukewarm water as it helps with removing the dried chunks.

Would I repurchase? Hell yes! The good thing about this is that it comes in 2 sizes, 30ml and 100ml, so you can purchase the smaller that's more pocket-friendly. If you want that glow, here's my recommendation! You will really see a difference in your skin.

Fun fact: my guinea pigs also love the smell of it. Disclaimer: I DO NOT feed them or let them go near the product, but they sniff it out and will climb up my legs if I'm near them.

5. Prep + Prime Fix+ MAC Cosmetics

This makeup setting mist is a must-have, and needs little introduction right? Sometimes when I'm done with my makeup and realise that the foundation looks a little dry, this mist comes in clutch. The mist is so fine that it sits beautifully on your makeup (without leaving blotches/water droplets). We all know one or two makeup fixing mists that do that, ugh. By setting your makeup with this, it helps the makeup last longer in our humid weather. If you want to, you can also use this to hydrate and refresh your makeup midday.

Will I repurchase? No, because I still have 3 bottles of Lavender-scented ones on my shelf, and this is probably my 4th bottle. Am I complaining? Also no. This product is seriously worth every penny!

I hope everyone is still well and sane! Let's all do our part and stay at home as much as possible so that the frontline workers can do their job.

Stay gold, xx

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