20 March 2011

Home made breakfast on a Sunday.

First time taking photos of food. I prefer taking closed up shots, however with my Canon EOS 60D now and without a Macro lens it's gonna be tough. After this morning, I actually enjoy taking photos like this. Brand new feeling. Maybe I should try to do this more often.

We're going western today! Got up this morning and my dad had already left for work without making breakfast. So my mother had to make breakfast for us. It's a pity that my family doesn't really bother about the mismatching cutlery and the way they display the food, haha. For dinner, we'll probably head down to Clarke Quay for dinner and meet my dad.

So after breakfast, sat down and started reading my book. I recently bought two new books to read them during my 1 and a half month holiday. I haven't got started on the other book, but I love this book. It's pretty inspirational, thankful for my friend who introduced this book to me. Took a break and started editing photos that I took using my new camera.

I have a test tomorrow, so I guess I'll stop here. Wish me luck.

Have an awesome Sunday!

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