22 March 2011

Pancakes and Marshmallows.

A brand new week begins again. How has your Tuesday been? Today I had pancakes with strawberry flavoured sundae syrup. Made myself a drink mixed with Milo and Nutella. Oh and some Marshmallows as toppings to go with my pancakes. Hehe. The drink was a tad too sweet.


I have a total of 3 posts, and 2 out of 3 are about food. Been feeling very lazy to leave the house unless for school, so haven't been anywhere to take photos. On top of that, the weather hasn't been very good and cooperative. Been raining for the past few days. Okay fine, I love food that's why. ♥

Will be leaving Singapore in about 2 weeks! Haha. Hope I'll enjoy my school trip to Hainan.

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