21 May 2011

Golden Sunset.

So, have you heard about how the world was going to end today? Haha. I thought it was funny, I wish it was real though because I have so much school work to do. The awkward moment if the world ended and we still have class in the afterlife. Oh, I cannot imagine! 

This week of school was by far the best week of school ever! Out of 5 days, we had 3 days off of school! Or for me at least, hehe. I was still feeling sick on Monday so I didn't go to school. Tuesday was a public holiday and Wednesday was independent learning, in other words no school! Thursday marked the end of my 5 days holiday. :( 

Well, time passes so quickly next week is Week 5 and if I'm not wrong Week 6 examinations will start. I'll then have a 2 week holiday sometime around mid June? Gahhh, the thoughts of examinations stresses me out. We have so many ongoing assignments and school ends late almost every day, I can't find time to revise. Yet no matter how tough or busy, I still have to find time to study! I need really need to pull my GPA up. It's almost hitting rock bottom, very very risky.

Okay, I'm signing off now. Signing out? Haha, no I'm just going to close my browser now. It's too much of a distraction. Work load: +100 Fun time: -200

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