13 June 2011

Pastel - Road Trip

#1 - Retail Therapy

What an awesome way to spend the first day of my term break with retail therapy! 

 #2 - Road Trip
Road trip down south for a day together with 4 other good friends of mine. Haven't got it figured out? A train ride that took us all the way down south to Sentosa, Universal Studios Singapore to be exact. Haha! In case you don't know, this is probably my 4th or 5th time going to Universal Studios and I'm not one bit bored of it! Well, I'm paying USS another visit because of the newly opened roller coasters! The other times when I was there, the roller coasters weren't in operation yet! What a waste!

Anyway, we tried going really early in the morning so we could beat the crowd but we weren't exactly the earliest. The doors for USS opens at about 10 or 10.30 I guess? We arrived at around 11.30am and there was already a crowd! The crowd is actually fine, but I won't say the same for the waiting time for the popular rides. Oh the horror! We waited for estimated 100minutes (the sign board told us that) for a 15 minutes ride on the Rapid Adventure in The Lost World. We had a go on the Battlestar Galatica both red and blue! The waiting time for red was so much longer compared to the latter, nonetheless it was worth the wait! Personally, the blue one was scarier because they had loops and you would be turned upside down. When I sat down in the seat I was already screaming, silly it sounds but I swear the thoughts of me going upside down started to surface in my mind. At the end of the ride, all I can say that it's fantastic! The roller coaster moves at such high speed, you wouldn't even realise how many loops you've been through and you aren't exactly being left hanging upside down so it isn't that scary! My friends and I tried to look out for when the roller coaster would do the next loop, but it was going way too fast!

Stopped by Loui's Signature Pizza in New York City for pizza, as the name says, for late lunch. If you can't already see how huge the pizza is... It's 20"! Pretty good dish to order if you are going to USS in a big group and want to have lunch. Each of us had a slice and boy, am I full! Must be because all my energy was focused on digesting the slice of pizza, I can't exactly remember what we did after that.. So I'll leave you guys with some other photos taken.


As for today, I went over to my friend's crib and we had an hour of work out. Post work out, we watched Human Centipede. It was a bad idea to even entertain thoughts of watching it. It's so disgusting and it kept leaving us in suspense.. The ending was also... Meh. You know the feeling when the killer is standing right behind the actor/actress and they don't have a single idea? Yeah, suspense similar to that! I hope her neighbours didn't hear our screams. 

Thank you for spending the past 15 minutes reading, have an enjoyable week ahead!
P/s: If haven't already noticed my blog doesn't have photographs with people/my face. Haha

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