19 June 2011

50mm - Plaited

Guess what I got this week? I got myself a Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II lens. Really glad that I got this lens!If you can see, it makes the background of the picture softer and I really like it! I swear I didn't photoshop - blur the background. Awesome huh, cost me a whopping $150 well actually not me, my mum paid for it. I also got a UV filter, which I recently realised the importance of having it. Spent close to $200 that day at the electronics store.

On a side note, the weather these few days are unbearable! I don't fancy the idea of having my hair let down when the sun is scorching down on me. Well, my hair isn't very long it's about shoulder length but still... I usually shower before leaving home, and once I step out of the shower I start perspiring crazy huh. So I was kinda in a dilemma whether I should have my fringe trimmed or not. Been at least 4 months since I last trimmed my fringe, and it's so long and messy and ugh... So yesterday, I was working out and I figured out how I can keep my unkempt fringe neat and tidy! Yeah, from the title - I plaited my fringe! I know I know, this style of tying your hair has been around since forever, but my fringe was never long enough to tie it to the side. Haha and yes as shameless as it may sound, I quite like having my fringe this way. (^^;)

So stoked for this Tuesday you know! My friends and I have decided to go to the soon-to-be closed railway and just snap some shots of it! I've been reading news of how some people weren't careful and they got hit by the oncoming train, I'm quite freaked out actually but still... I want to at least take a look at how a railway looks like. Finally, I can put my 50mm lens to good use ಥ‿ಥ

Okay, turning in for the night! Good night, sorry for the overuse of emoticons I think they look pretty cute! There's a wikipedia page for all of it! Haha.


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