16 September 2012


Good afternoon all, hope your Sunday has been well. My breakfast for today: Bread with ham stacked with cucumber. I love cucumber, probably the only vegetable/fruit I enjoy eating. I went to go Google after typing this, to check if cucumbers are vegetables or fruits. Sneaky tomatoes. According to Wikipedia, Cucumbers are fruits too! Sneaky cucumbers.

This cup doesn't belong to me, however, when I found it in the fridge there was already tea in it so I just grabbed and go. Iced Earl Grey tea with Vanilla syrup on such a warm day, P E R F E C T!

Browsing through the Ikea magazine and at almost every single page I pause and tell myself "I need to get this!" "My room needs that!". When I have the time (hopefully by the end of the year), I'll have my room revamped! Spend most of my free time looking at Interior Design websites to get some idea of what I want. I've always loved the Parisian or Victorian theme. But I would love to save the Victorian theme for my first home, in the future.

My current room is in stripes of pink and white, which took me and my family a lot of effort to do, so I'm not sure if I would want to paint it back to all white anytime soon. I am too fickle-minded.

Stay gold, xx

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