21 September 2012

Over the horizon

I hope your week's been good to you. So I was transferring out all the photos from my camera to my computer and found that I've yet to edit/upload this batch of photos from... LAST YEAR! When it was the Christmas period, my family and I went on a cruise. 

Pardon the lack of photos, I took so many I got so lazy to edit them all.

93 million miles from the sun
People get ready, get ready
Cause here it comes, it's a light
A beautiful light, over the horizon
Into our eyes
Oh, my my how beautiful

93 Million Miles - Jason Mraz

Pretty much in love with this song by Jason Mraz. Anyway, here are just a few more pictures while onboard the ship.

Leaving you with more pictures of the sunrise and the vast ocean. 

Stay gold, xx

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