7 October 2012

The Wedding : Deux ♡

Here's Part 2 as promised! Part 2 would be less image heavy (yay! shorter loading time), Part 1 was posted last week here. In part 2, expect to see photos with a lot of noise - I know, how could I let that happen, but the lighting indoor was so dim - excuses excuses excuses. Well, I still hope you'll enjoy them... ♡

I'll keep this entry really short and simple and not wordy at all!
After the solemnization, the guests were ushered indoors for dinner. Dining was split up into 2 floors, my family and I were seated upstairs. I really love the dinner so much! Especially the first dish, which I think I was duck liver. OMG!!! I know it sounds weird and unedible, but it was sosososososososo good!

When you scroll down and look at the portion of the dishes, you'll be wondering how am I even full? But yeah, I was really stuffed before the main dish. The dishes were served in this order: Appetizer, Duck liver, dish #1, main dish and dessert.

I'll leave you to enjoy the pictures now!

  This is definitely my favourite!

Well, this would be the last post for the Wedding Series. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Thank you for taking time to read this, appreciate it!

Stay gold, xx

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