30 September 2012

The Wedding : Une ♡

(Image heavy post)
Hello there, I've finally had the time to edit all the photos. As you can already tell from the post title, there'll be a part two. Part one will be the: outdoor and indoor decoration, first level's table setting and of course, the Solemnisation. Part two will be coming up soon...

Also, this would be my 100th post (yay)!

On the 22nd of September, I attended my cousin's wedding ceremony (as mentioned in the previous post). The location of the wedding is actually a restaurant - Google search for Alkaff Mansion Ristorante.

The Fountain

I took quite a number of shots of the fountain so I thought that I should give it a "section" of its own. In the garden, there were 2 fountains which I am so in love with! I am probably the only person that takes 20 shots of a fountain and 2 shots of the couple.

The Outdoor Seating

When I arrived, there were already chairs lined up in the garden for the Solemnisation which would be happening later on during the day. Oh and there was a rocking chair that was insanely huge!

The Table Setting

The dinner was held indoors (yay for air-conditioning!). The tableware and setting (I honestly have no idea what you call those things on the chair) were in pure white, which gave a touch of elegance.

The Tea Ceremony

For most chinese weddings (I think) it is by tradition that there would be a tea ceremony. Basically, a tea ceremony is when you serve tea to your "elders", for example your grandparents/parents/uncles or aunties etc.

The Indoor Deco

Just a few random pictures of the second level decoration. I love the intricate pattern on the tea cup.

And of course, the solemnisation. All the guests settled down while the groom and bride prepared to make their entrance together. Signing of the Certificate of Marriage, exchanging wedding vows and rings. Doesn't the bride's manicure look so pretty?!


Stay gold, xx

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