29 November 2012

Cinnamon Muffin.

Day 06 of holidays: I don't know what to do, I feel like I'm rotting from inside out.
On this Thursday afternoon, it's raining cats and dogs outside but guess what, it's still 33degrees outside. Please save me from the heat!

So anyway, for my mid-afternoon tea time I had cinnamon muffin and some earl grey tea to keep my mouth busy while I attempt to complete my approx 1000 words report. After working on it for 2 days, I'm only at 500+ words. I don't deserve to eat. There were chunks of sweet stuff on the cinnamon muffin, but I couldn't tell what they were. Tasted like apple, y'know McDonald's apple pie? Yeah, most probably apple.

Picnic at the Botanic Garden with my girls this Saturday, I can't wait! We're praying for good weather (of course!) but not sure what's good. The heat or the rain. It'll never be cooling unless it rains, but that'll mean 1. we'll be drenched while enjoying our alfresco dining (lol) 2. sitting on muddy ground (eck)! Keeping my fingers crossed for the weather on Saturday!

Ok, that'll be it! I really need to start working on my report!

Oh yes, if any one of you came to this page from my Instagram, I would like to say thank you for the support, and I love you guys! Sorry if I don't follow everyone back.

Stay gold, xx

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