27 November 2012

Follow your heart.

Hello there, I hope your Monday was good. Just another day to midweek (yay)!
A few days ago I (I found it, lost it and found it again) found this leather diary-lookalike book, on the right it has several photograph sleeves and for over a year I've been thinking about what to put in it... Until now, there's still nothing in it. Meh. I keep putting off things that I say I want to do, I'm just way to good at procrastinating. I suppose I haven't learnt my lesson from not following my heart and doing the things I say I want to do. 

Anyway, in short! Follow your heart, guys! Do what you want to do, NOW. Don't keep putting them off, because you might never get the chance to do it.

And here's what Eleanor Roosevelt wants to say to you,

Follow your heart, xx

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