6 December 2012

Yuletide season.

18 more days to Christmas (yay), my family and I don't celebrate Christmas but every year we do attend gatherings hosted by our relatives. We only see some of these relatives once a year during gatherings like this, so I personally feel that even if you don't celebrate Christmas take this festive season/public holiday to meet up and catch up with friends and family! 

I am left with about 2 weeks of holidays left and so I want to do something meaningful like... I would like to get started on a mini photography project called Night Photography which will include photos of the city skyline at night or long exposure (something like the picture below). No target, no minimum shots, no nothing - I don't wanna put pressure on myself (hahaha). So let's see how many shots I can get within this 2 weeks!

And if anyone of you are curious, my Instagram shots are mostly taken from my iPhone 4s and edited in Vscocam (app can be found in AppStore for US$0.99) filter number 5. Photos on my blog are mostly taken using my Canon EOS 60D which I got sometime last year, and I have 2 lenses - 18-135mm (kit lens) and 50mm f/1.8 II. Ever since I bought the latter for about S$150, I have been using it more often than the kit lens.

Shot taken by my cousin.
Also recently, I've been receiving really nice comments/compliments on Instagram and I can't tell you guys how happy I am when I see such sweet comments! Thank you guys for all the support, mwah mwah!

Stay gold, xx

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