6 December 2012

For an angel.

This post is for the beautiful @cherryblossum (check out her instagram!). I'll keep this post short and simple, hope it doesn't disappoint you. Pardon me, but I'm really bad at technical terms.

So first off, here's the original picture, the effect of this picture is called the Bokeh Effect. Initially I wanted to tell you how to achieve this effect, but figured that you might already know how to so I shall skip the part! However, if you're not too sure, you can check it out here! I took this picture using my Canon EOS 60D and a 50mm lens, if you don't have a DSLR it's fine, using your phone: while in camera mode, focus on something beforehand. I would usually put my palm out and focus on the creases first, before aiming at the object.

So with the picture, I edited it in Vscocam (can be found in AppStore for USD$0.99!) filter 5. Then, I used Phonto (also can be found in AppStore for free!) and used font Neou Thin for the text "Hello December".


Here are some other pictures with the Bokeh Effect:

Stay gold, xx

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