3 January 2013


I hope your 2013 has been good so far. 
On New Year's day, I met up with a friend to help her with her photography assignment. Her assignment has to be something that is related to Light, and we thought for a few days on how to capture light. It is possibly the easiest thing to do, since light is everywhere and we had a few ideas but eventually settled to capture natural light. Suggested to shoot during the twilight period so that the Sun wouldn't appear too harsh in pictures. P/s: I really like shooting in natural light.

So anyway, here are just some of the pictures from my camera.


Take the roads that are less travelled and you will see a different world, another world that others have yet to see. 


And from Michelle Phan's newest video, "If you're close to ink, you'll be in darkness. If you're close to light, you'll shine bright." Also something for myself and everyone who is probably in a darker place right now, always try to find the light in the darkness. No matter how difficult a situation may be for you, there'll always be the time when you eventually step out of the darkness.

I've been waiting for some day to tell myself that everything will be alright. Someday, I hope I'll have the chance to.

Stay gold, xx

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