1 January 2013


L- So this is how your 2013 should start, with a bang. R- And this is how your 2012 should end, leave behind all bad memories in the star dust. 

Obligated to write a bit about my 2012, but after thinking about it for awhile there isn't much to write about. 2012 went pass so quickly for me, I guess because 5 months were spent at work. Waking up to routine, working from 9am to 7pm etc. Or maybe there isn't anything left for me to write because I choose to lock all the horrible memories up in a far far far away place, no one else can find.

Nothing is worth bringing forward to 2013 (this sounds really sad, but I suppose as humans we all have feelings and we can't stay strong forever). I don't want you guys to start off 2013 sad so...

Happy New Year!
Shine bright like the sparks, xx

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