25 March 2013


Yesterday, my mother and I decided to make some croquettes. In case you guys don't know what croquettes are, they are "small breadcrumbed fried food roll containing, usually as main ingredients, mashed potatoes and/or ground meat".

We didn't exactly follow any recipe, I guess that's what I always do when I cook/bake.
So here's the no recipe, recipe:
(please feel free to modify the recipe to your liking)
  • 4 Potatoes
  • 1 Egg 
  • Some diced Ham
  • Some breadcrumbs
  • Some flour
Boil the potatoes for about 15-20 minutes, after that peel the skin off and start mashing them. Once they are all mushed together, add in diced ham (or any meat that you want, we wanted bacon but unfortunately, we ran out of it). Mix it all together before taking some of the mashed potato and mold it into whatever shape you want. You'll see the shapes my mother made later, they are... Odd. But heck, they tasted good!

Dump the shaped potatoes (sorry I couldn't find a better word to describe it) into the flour and make sure that it is entirely covered in flour. After which, beat an egg or 2 eggs and dip the shaped potatoes inside before transferring it over to the breadcrumbs. The purpose of the egg is so that the breadcrumbs would get stuck onto the potatoes and when you fry it, they will turn out crispy!

Once you're done with all of that above, you're ready to fry them. We deep fried them (okay, all of you health conscious ones, cringe) until they turn golden-brown. And... They're ready to be served!

Oh! And please remember, add salt/seasoning to the potatoes while mashing it. ○

Haha, okay guys, I sincerely apologize for that horrible (no recipe) recipe. Just Google for croquettes and I'm pretty sure they have tons of yummy and proper recipes!

Stay gold, xx


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