24 March 2013


Hi all, I hope you've had a wonderful week! This week has been a little bit busy for me, Monday was my piano exam (ugh...) and Tuesday onwards was spent at work. Wow, I've never been this tired before - I have once worked an entire week and didn't even feel exhausted. Is this a sign that I'm getting old?

Sundays were meant for seeking solace (or church for some of you), mending the exhausted mind and broken heart and what not... The weather however, is not helping in any way. I swear I can fry an egg in this weather! Or to give a more accurate description, I feel like I'm permanently living in a furnace. As for the rest of you really fortunate ones, who get to experience the 4 seasons, I'm so glad Spring has arrived! It's Summer all year round in Singapore, so don't even ask.

(Edit: Okay, maybe we do have good weather sometimes, like now it's raining cats and dogs and 5 minutes ago it was scorching hot.)

Did anyone notice the colours on the cover of Kinfolk? It seems like they are always in this beautiful pastel shade. I don't have Volume 1 to 4, so let me know if they are also in a pastel shade, will you?

Stay gold, xx


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